Issue 1:

Do you have a secure place to park electric bikes or motorbikes?

Yes, we have a closed garage where we can secure your 2 wheels.

Issue 2:

If we come to 4, how to enjoy your bed and breakfast?

The Aubazine and Tulle rooms share the same living room, while benefiting from a bathroom and independent toilets. Do not hesitate to rent them on the same dates to enjoy your stay for 4.

Issue 3:

Are the two lodgings communicating?

It is possible for the two lodgings "Corrèze" and "Brive la Gaillarde" to communicate with each other via the laundry area which is common to the two lodgings.

Issue 4:

Is the swimming pool heated?

Unfortunately, the pool is currently not heated.However, it benefits from a rigid flat shelter which allows it not to get too cold at night and quickly rises in temperature when the good weather arrives.